• WORK: Spera- Ascention of the Starless Vol.3 / Chapter 2 / Warm Blood

    7 monthes ago - By Saskia Gutekunst

    A year ago I drew 24 pages for the long running comic series Spera and it´s now available for purchase on Gumroad and soon comixology (i think, gonna update the links once it´s out!)You can also get the previous books on comixology
    The big feature is that every Issue is drawn by a different Artist
    Some samples from my Issue!
    You can read many of the earlier Issues online here
    Almost 2 years ago, I also did the first 4 Pages for a webcomic called "Warm Blood" Another fun Project where every 4 pages a new artists takes the Lead.Check it out here
    I also designed one of it´s Characters...
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