• “The Stranger” and “INTR3PID” by Felipe Pantone

    6 days ago - By Street Art News

    During 2020, Spanish artist Felipe Pantone painted a supercar and a Carbon Club aircraft: The Stranger' and ‘INTR3PID'. And now, it's time for them to meet each other!
    Photo credit: davidacedo b-sm = none; sm > 728x90;b-sm = 300x250; sm > none;
    “As an artist, I want to represent my times, and when I look at it... I see speed, transformation, dynamism”
    - Felipe Pantone
    Photo credit: davidacedo
    The digital world and how we consume it has decisively modified the way we perceive the world: speed and dynamism are present nowadays in different ways in our lives.
    The vitality of Pantone's work is...
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