• Crossconnectmag: H.R. Giger: Surrealist Artist and “Alien”

    One year ago - By Cross Connect Magazine

    Crossconnectmag :
    H.R. Giger: Surrealist Artist and “Alien” Designer
    H.R. Giger, actually less known for his full name, Hans Ruedi Giger, is a Swiss artist who created highly influential artwork in the style of Fantastic-Realism.
    He was born in 1940, in Chur, Switzerland and studied architecture and industrial design at the School of Applied Arts in Zurich. Giger's developed interest in morbid and frightful images, as he describes himself, has been possibly influenced by a sleeping disorder and/or birth trauma. In the seventies, he discovered the airbrush and, along with it, his own unique...
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