• Neither Snow nor Sleet nor

    15 days ago - By Urban Sketchers Chicago

    Let's Sketch! Be Intrepid Sunday, April 11 12 PM - 3 PM CST
    Hosted by Gail Dokucu , Urban Sketchers Chicago
    Our guest hosts this week are The Intrepids! For months they've been gathering weekly to sketch together, regardless of the weather!
    The Intrepids are: Carla Milano Nelson Reshma Bee Kris Van Stockum Harold Goldfus Jim Clouse Karen Beauprie Lynne Fairchild
    Merriam-Webster defines “intrepid” as “characterized by resolute fearlessness, fortitude, and endurance.” Example: an intrepid explorer
    This week we are inviting you to be intrepid in your sketching. What would make you feel like...
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