• Behind the Scenes of the Iceboat Paintings

    2 monthes ago - By Gurney Journey

    Iceboat MaryEllen, gouache. The 50/50 isopropyl/water dilution stayed liquid at 15° F/-12°C, but caused some sedimentation in foreground, which helped in this case.
    Reactivation test: cad yellow / ultra blue, overpainted with water.
    Iceboat Vixen, gouache over casein from a photo.
    Early stage in painting with light passages only. Darks came later.
    Gouache colors, plus one tube of watercolor: Titanium White Yellow Ochre Cerulean Blue Indian Red
    Ultramarine Blue You can combine gouache and watercolor.
    These are from the new Gumroad tutorial video " 5 Problems with Gouache and How to Solve...
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