• Zhongshuge Bookstore / X+Living

    10 monthes ago - By Arch Daily

    Lecture Hall. Image © Feng Shao
    Architects: X+Living
    Location: Chengdu, China
    Design Director: Xiang Li
    Design Team: Huan Liu, Chen Fan
    Area: 1000.0 m2
    Project Year: 2017
    Photographs: Feng Shao
    Reading Area. Image © Feng Shao
    "Few visitors come to my Thatched Cottage which is in the west of Wanli Bridge, but I take things as they are and accompanied by the Baihua Pond."In more than 1200 years ago, the great poet Du Fu left a warm memory of Chengdu by such a poem, the mentioned historical and cultural place names like the Baihua Pond, Thatched Cottage have been passed down till now. In...
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