• Kulum Eispavilion / Foster + Partners

    One year ago - By Arch Daily

    © Nigel Young
    Architects: Foster + Partners
    Location: St Moritz, Switzerland
    Architect In Charge: Foster + Partners

    Area: 860.0 m2
    Project Year: 2017
    Photographs: Nigel Young
    Collaborating Architect: Küchel Architects AG
    Timber Construction: Blumer - Lehmann AG
    Steel Manufacturer: Pfister Metallbau AG
    Stonework: EdilStone AG
    Civil Engineer: EDY TOSCANO AG
    Builder: Nicol. Hartmann & Cie. AG
    Electrical Installation: Arge Merz AG / Elektro RES AG
    Heating And Ventilation: Hälg & Co. AG
    Refrigeration Plant: Kälte 3000 AG
    Roofing: Nani Gregor
    Windows: Holzmanufaktur swiss AG
    Parquet : Britschgi...
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  • Shoe Shelve Shop / Urban-Agency Architects + Esplant

    Shoe Shelve Shop / Urban-Agency Architects + Esplant

    One year ago - By Arch Daily

    © Urban Agency
    Architects: Urban-Agency Architects , Esplant
    Location: Neumünster, Germany
    Architect In Charge: Urban Agency
    Area: 340.0 m2
    Project Year: 2016
    Photographs: Urban Agency
    Collaborator : Esplant GmbH
    Interior Design: Urban Agency in collaboration with Schmitt Ladenbau
    Client : Fuss & Schuh Orthopädie GmbH
    © Urban Agency
    From the architect. The Shoe Shelf Store is a new flagship store for stüben fuß & schuh in Neumünster , Germany. The transparent two-story building seamlessly integrates display, façade and urban performance. Founded in 1895, stüben fuß & schuh has a long...
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