• Guy Finds 1929 Camera at Thrift Store and Develops the Film

    10 monthes ago - By Peta Pixel

    Photographer Martijn van Oers of the Netherlands recently visited a thrift store and came across an original Zeiss Ikon 520/2 folding camera, which was produced in Germany between 1929 and 1937. To his surprise, the camera contained a roll of exposed film in it.
    The camera looked “barely used,” Van Oers says.
    The Zeiss Ikon 520/2
    On the film canister was the word “EXPOSÉ.”
    After doing some research, Van Oers concluded that the film was probably produced sometime between 1940s and 1970s.
    Van Oers took the film to his friend Johan Holleman - someone who has developed his own film for much of...
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