• House in Santo Tirso / Hous3

    20 days ago - By Arch Daily

    4780 Santo Tirso, Portugal Project Year: 2020 Photographs: Ivo Tavares Studio Area: 286.0 m2
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  • 2020: The Year that Wasn't-or Was It?

    2020: The Year that Wasn't-or Was It?

    20 days ago - By Michael Chesley Johnson

    The paintings I made in 2020. These don't include the
    Pandemic Sketchbooks, Vols. 1-3.
    It's that time again when we bloggers cast an eye back at the past year. In many ways, 2020 was the year that wasn't: plans were scuttled; anxieties sprouted like weeds; and, perhaps most sadly, brother fought against brother. But on the other hand, some good things came of what I call the “damndemic.” I mastered Zoom and trained myself to mute both my microphone and camera in an instant. I read the entire series of Michael Connelly's Bosch novels, all 22 of them, and now can walk my way through a murder...
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