• Massive 2.2 Gigapixel Photo of the Milky Way Was Taken in Just 4.5 Hours

    2 monthes ago - By Peta Pixel

    Accomplished astrophotographer Bartosz Wojczyński has created a gigantic 2.2 gigapixel photo of the Milky Way that he was able to capture in just one night, which is an astounding achievement given that a similar 1.7 gigapixel photo took another photographer 12 years to complete.
    A zoomable, in-browser version of the photo can be found here .
    The massive photograph was captured with a dual telescope setup: two Takahashi Epsilon 130D astrographs and two Nikon D810A cameras, mounted on a Losmandy G11 astrophotography mount at the Tivoli Astro Farm in Namibia .
    “The telescopes were positioned...
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