• Wenceslaus Hollar - part 6

    One year ago - By Poul Webb

    Wenceslaus Hollar was one of the premier etchers and draftsmen of the 17 th century, known for his landscapes, architectural and topographical views, still-lifes, and women's fashions. A prolific artist with 2,525 prints attributed to him.
    For further biographical notes on Hollar, see part 1.
    For more works, see parts 1 - 5 also.
    This is part 6 of a 9-part series on the works of Wenceslaus Hollar:
    1651 Dance of Death after Holbein the Younger:
    (showing Holbein's original woodcuts after the etchings)
    continued from part 5 of these posts
    1651 The Emperor and Death, after Hans Holbein the...
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