• 1805 Secret Pond in the Woods plein air alla prima

    4 monthes ago - By Lori's Stormy Art

    I painted this out at the little pond at George LeStrange preserve. Lots of fun painting with everyone, started out like it looks here and then at 11:30 the skies opened up, thunder and lightening. Luckily there is a little shelter so we stayed pretty dry. When it eased up we went back to the car, I was walking faster than I have in years! Was scared of the lightening.
    8 x 10, oil on masonite.
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  • Plein Air Painting in Acrylics: My Equipment and Materials

    Plein Air Painting in Acrylics: My Equipment and Materials

    4 monthes ago - By Fly in Groc

    I love painting outdoors. I love seeing the actual landscape I'm trying to paint in front of me, I love feeling like I'm immersed in the same reality as the things I'm painting.
    When I paint en plein air, I typically use acrylics as my painting medium. There are many advantages to painting outdoors with acrylics:
    It dries quicky, so I don't typically have to bring a separate wet painting carrier.
    Acrylic painting is free of toxic solvents. Acrylics are water based, so I just carry an extra water bottle.
    I don't have to worry about oily rag disposal, acrylic painting rags go in the trash...
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