• I`ve been Painting

    5 monthes ago - By Randall David Tipton

    Ice Fog at Fanno Creek watermedia on Yupo 20x13
    Ice Fog at Fanno Creek 2 watermedia on Yupo 20x26
    Ice Fog at Fanno Creek 3 oil on panel 26x24
    All the news sites, including the Weather Channel, predicted it so I set my alarm for 7. By 8 I was at Fanno Creek at its confluence with the Tualatin River exulting in the ice fog. It did not disappoint!
    Four paintings were born though one didn`t make it. Spectacular morning!
    I bought some ink. First I did a little research and chose Higgins Fadeproof. Not many color choices but the ones they have are intense and mix nicely with watercolor and...
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