• Sketches at Ewha Womans Univ. & Bongwonsa, Sinchon

    8 monthes ago - By Seoul Urban Sketchers

    Sketches at the university in front of a small cafe
    Sketch of a part of the area for dead to rest in peace
    There was a cultural performance in front of a big hanging painting of Buddha at the ground of temple buildings, which was held before t he 30th Youngsanjae on June 6th.
    줄타기 by Kwon Won Tae
    I captured two poses of the same dancer.
    sketch of foot mask dance performance by Park Jeong Im and Jeong Joon Tae
    It was a very fine day for the performance at the ground of a big temple, Bongwonsa. I read the news about the Youngsanjae which would be held on June 6th and the various cultural...
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