• Lebedev's Oil Study

    6 monthes ago - By Gurney Journey

    Klavdy Lebedev (1852-1916) did this oil study from a costumed model as a preparation for a larger painting.
    I'm just guessing, but he probably did study on an oil-primed surface, and that he must have done a preliminary pencil drawing and laid in the tones fairly thinly.
    Lebedev was a member of the Itinerants , and a student of Perov.
    Martha the Mayoress. Destruction of Novgorod by Ivanby Klavdy Lebedev. 1889. Tretyakov Gallery.
    T he Destruction of Novgorod was "an act of vengeance against the perceived treason of the local Orthodox church, the massacre quickly became possibly the most...
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