• Copies of Heads by Classic Illustrators

    4 monthes ago - By Gurney Journey

    Copying of heads in oil by Golden Age illustrators helped me understand all the technical decisions they made that led to each of their recognizable styles.
    1. Haddon Sundblom / Robert Bonfils. Quaker Oats man. Low frontal plus edge lighting. Bristle filberts only. Stroke direction and weaving. Similar to Zorn, Sargent, Sorolla.
    2. Dean Cornwell. Bristle flats, stand oil, decorative geometry. Darks first transparently. Opaque lights last. More like Brangwyn.
    3. J.C. Leyendecker. Soft transitions contrasting with clear crisp strokes. Cut background last. Slippery medium.
    4. Norman Rockwell...
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