• Garfy's 2021 Hobby Resolution and Recap of 2020

    27 days ago - By Tale of Painters

    Celebrating the Last 12 month's of hobby output is an annual tradition here at Tale of Painters. I'm going to take a look back through the year and share what I managed to paint and how many of my 2020 hobby resolutions I succeeded in completing. I'll also share my 2021 resolutions.
    Last year I wrote this list for my hobby resolutions:
    Expand my Dark Angels from 2300pts to 3500pts Expand my Stormcast from 2400pts to 3500pts Paint at least 5 warbands for Underworlds Finish the Chaos half of Shadowspear Start a new army
    So how did I do? Well I haven't painted enough Dark Angels to reach...
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