• Extreme Makeovers for Plein Air Paintings: From the North Rim

    2 days ago - By Michael Chesley Johnson

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    Madeover: From the North Rim, 12x9 Oil
    Available, PM/DM me if interested
    Read about my process below
    (Continuing my series of Extreme Makeovers for Plein Air Paintings.)
    Why's the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park such a crowd scene? Well, it's incredibly easy to get to. Major roads from Flagstaff, I-40 and elsewhere zip you right to it on a beeline. The North Rim, on the other hand, isn't so easy. The drive from the South Rim's visitor center to the North Rim is a good four hours. And because of snow and high terrain, the road from Jacob Lake, the only road that gets...
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