• 1/12/19

    7 monthes ago - By Rob Carey

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  • My Advice. Gather No Moss

    My Advice. Gather No Moss

    7 monthes ago - By Cob Cottage

     "Gather No Moss" , mixed media, 12 x 12" copyright 2017
     Always moving it seems. Seldom still. A horse grazes, covering ground in search of food....and rolls to rid it's self of burdens and bugs.A scene that is often seen on our farm ...and on farms and plains all across our land.Like a rolling stone...gather no moss.This is another in my foray into abstraction work. I will continue to explore my abstraction and representational mix. I hope you like it! I will paint "Gather No Moss" is available , and ready to ship to your home.
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