• My Last Mocha: An 8×10 Polaroid Passion Project

    18 days ago - By Peta Pixel

    Brzz, bzzzrrr. The rollers on the vintage Polaroid developer start to suck in the 8×10 Polaroid. Dan Bosman, a Mars Cafe barista of 14 years, and I are chatting just like we always do.
    “It's been slow,” says Dan. “None of my regulars have been through.”
    The developer is a contraption like no Polaroid camera you've seen. Because it's not a camera. It's just the developing part, separated from the camera because it's huge and has to be plugged into the wall.
    Cleaning the rollers of the Polaroid 8×10 developer.
    Brrrzzz. The photo jams. Brz, brz, bzzzz. The rollers finally suck in the positive...
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