• Native American Legend, Bison Art Painting "How The Bison Got His Hump" by Nancee Jean Busse, Painter of the American West

    15 days ago - By Daily Painters Of Colorado

    Western Wildlife,Contemporary Bison painting
    I'm currently completing a series of 6 paintings based on Native American legends.
    This painting is based on the legend: How the Bison Got His Hump. Here's my retelling:
    In the beginning days, the bison didn't have a hump. He was fast and sleek and ran across the prairie having so much fun that he cared for nothing else. He didn't notice any small creature that got in his way. He trampled the birds and their fragile nests, he trampled the field mice, and the squirrels, and the foxes, and the rabbits. He crushed the flowers and the tender leaves...
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