• Orazio Gentileschi. Italian Baroque painter and the father of Artemesia Gentileschi

    15 days ago - By Chez Namaste Nancy

    Diana the Huntress
    Waiting for her friends to arrive & be part of the concert: the lute player, c. 1615
    Women messing with men's heads du jour 2: Orazio does Judith & Abra again, almost 20 years later, w/ drama from two directions & nice pyramidal composition. Plus super dead head.
    Women messing with men's heads du jour 1: Judith & Abra w/ head of Holofernes nicely placed in a basket, 1608. Orazio Gentileschi, original name Orazio Lomi, (born 1562, Pisa -died February 7, 1639, London , England), Italian Baroque painter, one of the more important painters who came under the influence of...
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